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Climbing Performance Assessments

Are you struggling to progress into higher grades? Maybe you lack finger strength, perhaps your aerobic endurance is low, or is it your technique? Get a detailed analysis of your climbing performance, quickly eliminate your weaknesses, and realize your full climbing potential!

If you would like to get your own personal rock climbing performance assessment, feel free to email me at [email protected]. I will analyze your current finger strength and your anaerobic and aerobic endurance profile to help you determine which exact facets of your physical performance you need to improve. I can also help you design a training program to finally unlock your full climbing potential!

Sport Level Climbing Assessment body weight endurance curve

Rock Climbing Performance Assessment: Highly Advanced 5.13c (8a+)

This is an example of an actual rock climbing performance assessment of a highly advanced climber, whose goal is to break into 5.14 grades (8b+). Here you will find a thorough analysis of the climber’s strength and endurance profile, together with relevant charts and a detailed evaluation of the climbing performance.

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