Hangboard Training Calculator for Rock Climbing

The Hangboard Training Calculator is tool that allows the user to easily calculate the correct load, edge depth, and hang duration for various hangboard exercises.

Choose a fingerboard hold, hang at bodyweight or with any added or subtracted load, and measure your hang time until failure. Based on the result, the program lets you calculate the exact total load with which you can hang on this particular hold for any specified amount of time. Moreover, you can run the test on any edge between 5 - 35 mm and automatically recalculate the result to any other edge depth.

The Hangboard Training Calculator lets you quickly determine the correct loads for typical hangboard training routines such as Repeaters, MaxHangs, Density Hangs and more [1][2].

Important: Warm-up your fingers and shoulders thoroughly before performing the tests, or before engaging in any climbing training. This will not only help you to avoid injury, but the result of the analysis will also be more accurate. To obtain the best results, follow the detailed instructions on how to use the Hangboard Training Calculator in the sections below.

Note: To get insight into your bouldering and lead climbing performance, you can use the Climbing Finger Strength Analyzer 2.0, or the Critical Force Calculator [3][4]. If you would like to get a personal climbing performance evaluation like this one, please feel free to contact me directly at [email protected].

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