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Effective training for climbing

Welcome to StrengthClimbing - a website dedicated to exploring the most effective training for climbing methods!

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Finger strength is what this website is all about!

It’s the essential aspect of both bouldering and sport climbing. You may have all the endurance, you may have all the technique, but if you lack finger strength, you will not develop your full potential. Regular strength training allowed me to progress from the Moonboard 6C+ level into the 7B range in under a year! 

Break into the grades you always wanted to climb!
Endurance is key to both sport and trad climbing!

Endurance has very little to do with strength, and it needs to be trained separately! Find out how to improve both your aerobic and anaerobic capacity effectively and efficiently! Learn the cutting edge methods of endurance training based on scientific research and used by professional coaches! 

Don’t get pumped before you get to the crux!
Get a detailed personal climbing assessment!
Are you struggling to progress into higher grades? Maybe you lack finger strength, perhaps your aerobic endurance is low, or is it your technique? Get a detailed analysis of your climbing performance, quickly eliminate your weaknesses, and realize your full climbing potential!
Learn what exactly to improve to make it to the next level!
Train power for boulders and cruxes!

Check out the beta for some cool Moonboard problems, and follow me as I progress through the grades.

Get used to steep walls and crimps!
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